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Welcome To The ApperSnapper App Directory!

09 December 2013

We thank all our faithful supporters and backers for making the ApperSnapper app directory what it is today.  Since our launch, we have gone through many rivisions and today we would like to welcome you to our directory of apps and introduce you to a few features on our website.

ApperSnapper App Directory Features:

My Saved Apps:

If you find a cool new app, but don’t want to buy or download at the moment, you can use the “Add To My Wishlist” button.  This saves the app to your own personal wish list within our system.  You can access it at anytime by simply logging into your personal Wishlist.

Alternative Apps:

If you want to switch smartphone companies, there is a chance you will end up going from Android to iOS, or from a Android phone to a Windows phone.  With the help of our website, you can see which app platforms have the matching app.  This can help you identify which apps will be downloadable when you transfer to your next smartphone.

Real Feedback:

App developers are bombarded by the skewed feedback systems that many app platforms have, however ApperSnapper aims to fix this using a social implementation.  When a user sees an app, they can leave feedback on that app via the social commenting feature.  If a particular user really likes an app, they will leave real feedback that represents his actual experience using that app.  This helps app developers monitor and manage real feedback.  You can also see each persons face next to each feedback comment.  With this social approach to feedback, users can identify apps they know will be good to download instead of the normal guess work involved with choosing an app.

Discover & Explore related apps:

There are many great apps available, but the amount of similar apps making their way onto app platforms are increasing daily.  This makes it hard for app developers to get their apps out to the public, however when you get your app listed on the ApperSnapper app directory, you get the advantage of possibly showing up in the 10 related apps randomly assorted in each page reload.  This gives you the opportunity to discover new apps as a user, and the opportunity to get your app discovered as a developer and app promoter.


There are many other features that are still in BETA testing stages.  We hope to launch those features soon which will take advantage of higher social and search integration within our system.  We hope you check back soon for more awesome additions to our app directory!  Thank you again, and Welcome.

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