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Cloudina Phone

Cloudina Phone iPhone iOS app takes your existing iPhone’s contact list and makes it less confusing.  There is only one later and one image per contact.  You can adjust font size and many other cool features making a great iPhone contacts alternative.  If you want simple contacts made easy, this app could be the app for you!  Its FREE price tag is also compelling.

iTunes Description:

Cloudina Phone helps to make phone calls easily. Only one picture is shown on each display. The user can swipe through the telephone book. Tapping the green Call button dials the number.
The user can send his/her GPS location to the contact person by tapping the globe button at the bottom of the display. This feature is ideal for people who need help, but cannot describe where they are.
If there are less than 9 contacts in the list, they can be displayed in a grid. This makes it even easier to make phone calls.
The availability of each contact can be set individually. So it can be prevented that the user can call his/her contacts after midnight, for example.
Key features:
•Picture and/or the name of the contacts can be shown.
•Only one level. The user does not get lost in a tree structure and does not have to open any menus either.
•No additional distracting information on the display.
•Contacts can be shown in a grid (less than 9 contacts).
•Adjustable availability.
•Buttons can be used instead of swipe.
•Adjustable font size.