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iSpreadsheet Free Lite

Get the most out of your iPhone or iPad with the all in one spreadsheet app.  With this app you can load Excel files .XLS and .CSV.  This app also integrates with Google Docs to provide a seamless load and save experience.  This app also works with portrait and horizontal iPhone/iPad positioning.  All your formulas will also work with this app.  This app can especially help you in your management of finances, and data within spreadsheets.

iTunes Description:

Lite version of the popular iSpreadsheet mobile spreadsheet Application for your iPhone. Sponsored by ads so you can have the power of spreadsheets on your iPhone for free.

• Google Docs Integration
• Manage both online and offline worksheets
• Portrait & Wide-screen Landscape view
• Load .XLS and .CSV files from Google Documents. (without formatting)
• Save in .CSV format (RFC 4180 compliant)
• Manage multiple Spreadsheets
• Execute complex arithmetic formulas
• Access a useful subset of Excel formulas
• Cell Formatting
• Column Resizing
• Clipboard Copy Paste
• Column Row Insert
• Progressive Loading
• Fluid Graphics
• Familiar Interface
• Online help
• Offline formula wizard
• Context Aware Toolbar
• Autosave & Recovery
• Free Updates