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The Pinabike iOS app is a great app allowing you to take your cycling to the next level.  Monitor your average, max, and current speed.  With Pinabike, you can also view on the display mileage, running time, altitude gradient, calories, map route.  If you are a avid cyclist, you wont want to miss this great app priced at only $0.99!

iTunes Description:

It is a cycle computer simple. So that it can be easily operated even in situations where the running time of the winter, was a glove, record and display screen map display screen has been switched on automatically by simply tapping the screen is the start of the measurement.
You can then display to read on a map GPX file that you saved to share if possible iTunes connection to the network, it travels while checking the route and current position.

I can use the following functions:

1. Display speed (average speed, maximum speed, current speed)
2. Mileage display
3. Running time display
4. Altitude gradient display
5. Calories Display
6. Route map display
7. Display and save history