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Tidymatic helps you organize all your photos that seem to make a clutter of your iPhone’s memory.  This app actually helps you automatically organize based on your photos.  This app works best when used with Dropbox, Evernote, and Facebook.  If you’re looking for a great app to get rid of the clutter and mess caused by your iPhones photos all being together, download Tidymatic and get organized!

iTunes Description:

We take photos of things we want to remember. Important documents, inspirations found in magazines, or screenshots of websites. These photos clutter up our camera roll and sit uncomfortably next to our holiday photos.

Tidymatic helps you to tidy up. Automagically, of course. Take your photos as you usually would – no need to start a separate app. Once you’re in the mood to tidy up (trust me, you will be), swipe your inspirational shots of interior design into your Dropbox or swipe important documents to Evernote. A Facebook Album, a Tweet or an e-Mail are other possible destinations. Based on GPS locations and your previous decisions, Tidymatic smartly suggests where to put your photos. Alternatively, you can check off photos once you’re done with them; Tidymatic works like a todo list for your photos.

Please note that you need an Evernote, Dropbox or Facebook account to get the most out of Tidymatic. If you like to see other services added, please write me an e-mail. I’d love to hear from you.