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Upload Custom Video Vine

Do you want to upload a custom video to vine?  This app is essential in getting your custom videos on the Vine.  Simply begin by locating your video, and then uploading it using your Vine login credentials.  With this app, you can upload any video that is shot outside the actual vine app.  This app is an essential tool for any regular Vine user!

iTunes Description:

Why would you ever want to Upload Videos Shot Outside the Vine App??

If you upload your own custom vines, you add a wide array of special effects to your arsenal: You can add fades, wipes, and sound effects not recorded with your phone’s onboard mic. Also, you can use cameras that record in much higher fidelity than a phone.

Some Viners are already using this technique, adding reverse motion, scenes from video games, and even trailers for movies!


* Videos shots using other capture devices

* Videos edited from other apps

* Videos shots back in the days when Twitter and Vine did not exist

* Get rid of lost connection issue