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Tadaa SLR is a great app allowing you to take stunning images with just a few editing steps.  With this app you can macro the background of any of your images with just a few stokes of your finger and selections.  If you thought your iPhone’s camera was limited, it isn’t!  The Tadaa SLR iPhone app takes your shooting to the next level!  First you take an image or select a previously taken image.  Then by using your finger, you draw the outline of the subject you want to be in focus.  After this, you simply hit the “next” button and you are able edit the amount of focus, and the direction of the focus!  You can truly trick your friends into thinking that your pictures were shot on an expensive SLR camera with just a few minutes of time and with the use of this handy Tadaa SLR app!  The best part is its free.  They also give you the ability to share your photos with other friends using Tadaa SLR.  This app truly unlocks the Inner-DSLR and depth of field within your iPhone.  Download and begin to enjoy the awesome Tadaa SLR picture experience!