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About ApperSnapper

App it, snap it, and save your faves!  We provide a healthy app discovery community featuring some of the coolest apps available today.  We offer a diverse app discovery experience featuring apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac OSX, and Windows PC.  Some of our features include the ability to save any app you like to your own personal Wishlist for later, leave comments on apps for others to see, and discover similar apps.  Join today for FREE and checkout the coolest new apps for your device!

For App Promoters

If you are an app developer or promoter, ApperSnapper can offer you with some options to get your apps seen by a larger spectrum of people.  We have partnered with many high volume Facebook pages to get you featured and help you gain greater exposure.  ApperSnapper is also a great place to have your apps featured with because you can virtually monitor real feedback via our embedded Facebook commenting system.  You can also see the number of users that have saved your app to Wishlist’s.  Getting your app onto ApperSnapper might be one of the best things you can do in your pursuit for greater exposure.  You might have great app, but getting it seen is another story.  Let ApperSnapper help you promote your app today and write your success story.  Ready to submit your app? Contact Us.

Why choose ApperSnapper’s app directory?

  • We help app developers remedy the flawed reviews and rating system implemented within many app platforms. The way we fix this is by implementing a simple Facebook commenting system where real registered Facebook users can leave their verbal feedback on each app. The traditional “star” reviews system seen on nearly every app discovery site is flawed. In most app stores this flawed rating system is also seen. Competitors will send their plethora of users to either rate it up or down and it becomes unhealthy for the appmosphere. The truth is that users usually only rate an app if they are extremely happy about it or if they are super unhappy. This creates an unhealthy rating system where a “neutral rating” is the only rating each app gets! With Facebook commenting as the core feedback system, people are able to see real feedback via each individual. Faking this would be fairly hard and is also watched closely so that all the reviews left by users are left in all honesty. ApperSnapper is one of the only places where people can use the commenting system via Facebook to its true potential as a “word of mouth” utility for app developers to gauge, manage, and view real users feedback.
  • We also help users visualize their apps with screenshots depicted in an actual device vector. This personalizes the app’s experience much like a “demo.” We also are working on a true visualization video demo that can be placed within our portfolio of apps. This would truly give people a live “demo” of what each app can really do. Instead of only relying on the feedback of others, why not see the app in action? This is what we aim to do as we provide a platform where users can discover and find the apps worth downloading and using.
  • We have also networked with many social Facebook pages with over 1,000,000 fans.  Because we have posting eligibility on these Facebook pages, it puts your app in plane view of millions of people!  Depending on the package you choose and price you pay we will get your app in front of a active and listening audience.  We also offer a package that includes a non-biased blog review.  We have also networked with some popular blogs around the internet that can offer a review for your app.  Please contact us for more information.
  • When you get your app posted on our site, not only does it get posted, but users have the opportunity to save your app on a Wishlist for later downloading.  We can also provide some information based on the amount of times your app was saved.  This can help you gauge your marketing success.
  • Captivate your audience visually by having your app showcased in a visual device frame.  Users can imagine themselves using the app and this increases your app download rate.  Having your app on ApperSnapper also gives others the opportunity for social sharing.  This is how most promoters are succeeding in newly created apps.  The word of mouth opportunity that our audience presents is an invaluable marketing asset that app developers or promoters can use for success.
  • If you are looking for promotion options include these interests in a message to our listing department.  We want to create an environment where app awareness happens.  We strive to help others find those cool apps that otherwise end up unfound.
  • If you are interested in getting your app listed on our special app directory, please Contact Us.