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Number: Unjumble

Train your mind with Number: Unjumble.  The Number Unjumble app is a great app that helps you build mind-strength as you unjumble numbers.  There are a variety of difficulty levels with Number: Unjumble.  All the number puzzles are completly random allowing you to play for a lifetime without ever playing the same game!  The best part about Number: Unjumble is that its FREE!  Download Number: Unjumble today.  Read more below.

iTunes Description:

Great training for your mind!

The rules are simple. Create a mathematical expression using all of the numbers provided and the arithmetical operators +, -, x and ÷ that equals the target number.

* Difficulty levels range from very easy (3 numbers) to fiendish (8 numbers)
* Unlimited playability thanks to randomly generated puzzles
* Daily fiendish puzzle challenge allows you to compare times with players across the globe